I didn’t know Mr. David very well. In fact I only met him on a few occasions. But the more I got involved in Cedar Hill the more I saw his impact! He was truly an inspiration to so many a small business owner and made an impact on so many lives in this community. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the sweet things that people have been writing on to Photo I posted of him the day after he passed, which you can see and link to below.

David Impact

Anna Coon LeJune His restaurant was my favorite. He was friendly and spoke to everyone.

Annalyle Barclay RIP David

April Hamilton Snook Oh wow! So sorry to hear this.

Beth Holtzinger Rogers We loved David. He always treated all his customers will kindness and grace. He made the world a better place.

Beverly June Germany So sorry to hear of David’s passing!

Brenda Hayes He was such a kind man. He will be missed.

Carmen Colbert Cantley He never showed that he was going thur an illness. I feel like I lost a friend. My family go every Monday, just not this this pass Monday. Prayers to the family.

Carol Burns Mason Pic is exactly what we need to remember when we think of David. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Ray-Barbee David will be missed by so many! His hospitality was beyond measure and the same with his culinary fare!

Danny Christensen Nicest guy I knew and loved his food

Dawn Tupper So sad we never got back to Cedar Hill to eat at our favorite restaurant. Definitely will visit when the move back is complete. RIP David

Debbie Latham We will miss him greatly, RIP David

Debbie Miller Oh my, I’m shocked, he was the face of the restaurant

Debbie Woody Oh my gosh. What terrible news. We loved him and his restaurant. This is so sad. We wondered why we hadn’t seen him lately. He was there all the time and so nice to everyone. I just cant believe he’s gone.

Dixie Morris Good man

Donna Houle Such a good man and a great businessman. Hope his son keeps the restaurant open. One of our favs.

Dori G Mason We will sure miss him. He made us feel at home . We travel to Dallas to eat dinner on the weekends but when we found David’s Sea food. And the welcome we got was unbelievable,this was our weekend dinners.

Heather Stuart So sorry to hear of his passing. He was a kind man that will be missed by many.


Isaac J Thompson Jr We will miss him greatly. Loved to visit with him as we dinned.

James Leslie He will truly be missed, I have been enjoying his restaurant since he opened. God bless

Jane Brandenburg Campos Oh, this is so sad. He will be missed.

Jeanie Foster Always made you feel welcomed!

Jenny Lane His smile and checking in table to table to thank his guests will be missed.

Joanne Irishlass Casey We loved David’s – it made our time in Texas bearable

Joseph A Moss Jr One of our favorite places to eat and he was always checking on the customers. Great menu items …

Julie Phung Thanks for the info: such a sweet man who made delicious food.

Karie Lee He was such s cool dude me and my honey go to

Karlette Irizarry So sorry to hear the sad news. I thought I would be checking him out tonight. God bless him and his family.

Kathy Kehl Gray Really nice guy and we’ll miss him!

Kimberly Cobb Pinkerton He was truly a great man and great for our community. He will be dearly missed!!

Leeman Stiles Stacey Champion I’m so sorry to hear this! He was such a nice man and always made his guests feel very welcome in his restaurant. Very attentive and made some awesome food. Will keep his family in our prayers!

Maria Campos RIP David! Had the pleasure of meeting David! God bless.

Maureen Fryer David was a special person indeed…

Melanie Hodges He always came over to visit with us at dinner. He surely will be missed. RIP David.

Melinda Peters Chancellor Sorry to hear this…RIP David

Melissa Schoendienst Stanley Bristow Wow…so very sad! David was always most kind to our family. Prayers for friends & family.

Melody Wilkes What a loss we have with his passing, go in peace David.

Mike Dillonz Rest in peace David!

Mike King So sad he was a wonderful person. Always taking time at the restaurant to say hello. He will be missed. God Bless

Nancy Quin Long live a good man, may a businessman/woman here carry his torch….serve, smile and give it your BEST. Prayers to his Team at the restaurant, too.

Pam McKay Such a wonderful man

Portia Hopkins Nice guy. Great food. Always out of the kitchen watching and asking what people thought of his food. Passionate

Rachael Henderson Stanford So sorry to see this!

Ramona Bullard Ames He will always be remembered as a gentle, kind, and generous man.

Ray Grogan He was a good man and will be missed

Richard Mabry So very sorry to hear this. After we moved north of Dallas, we were always saying we should go back to Cedar Hill to see David. Now it’s too late. He left behind quite a legacy, and will be missed.

Rob Kerr David was always so nice to his church family and customers. He created a fine restaurant that I hope will thrive for many years. Prayers to all his family and friends.

Robbie Atwood Daniel He was such a wonderful person.

Robert Middleton Our sympathy to David’s family and all employees at David’s

Rudy Villarreal Prayers for the family ! Had the pleasure of meeting David ! RIP David

Sandra Jean Crowe Thanks for sharing Vivian. He will be missed

Sandra Poirier McKay David you will be missed!!

Sharon Davis Kamm Oh, what a shame. We will miss him.

Sharyl Epperson Sneed Sliger Such a sweet man! RIP David! You will be missed!

Shawna Martindale Smith This is devastating. I moved from Texas, but David was a great man and a superb business man.

Sherry Whiddon Stilwell Great man and businessman. Loved his restaurant and loved how welcoming he always was.

Sondra Hester I do hope his son will be able to carry on his great restaurant. He was a great chef and a great citizen ofCedar Hill

Stephanie Robie What a wonderful legacy he leaves. I only have good memories: his kindness, generosity, attention to detail and amazing food. Our prayers are for his family and friends.

Susie Hughes So sorry to hear this. He loved his work and his customers. Saying prayers for his family.

Teresa Leveritt Lewis Didn’t know he’d been ill. Will certainly pray for God’s mercy for him and his family.

Travis Covey He was a great steward to Cedar Hill and beyond. He will be missed

Vickie Ghent He was such a kind and generous man. Will be praying for his family

Yolanda Delatorre Goebel Awe! Love him he was really great with his patrons. Always made sure we were happy.


This is another picture I took of him with Miss Jami McCain after she won her election to City Council in 2013.

Mr. David will be missed! We hope to follow in his footsteps and touch Cedar Hill even if it’s a tenth of the amount that he has!

For more information on his service and his obituary you can visit David C. Wilson, Sr. There is also a place to leave a note to his family!

Thank you,
Alicia Zinn